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For every 60 active minutes in game you will receive a dice roll that will grant you 1-6 Cash Points. If you happen to land on a 6 the dice will roll again. This can continue infinite times, so if your lucky you can snatch up quite a few cash points every hour.

Note: The timer for activity will stop when you are AFK or log out but will resume exactly where you left off.

For example : If you play for 20 mins straight and then sit afk, as soon as you get back up and moving it will restart the counter at 20 minutes so you'll still only need 40 more activity minutes to get your dice roll.

Example of text from @hourly command
    You can also check the status of your next dice roll using @hourly command.

Cash Points

Cash Shop is located by the mini-map in the upper right-hand corner of the game screen.

The cash shop is the only way Esper Online gathers its funds for maintaining the server and helping to expand on future development. We do no promote "pay to win" but as everyone knows it does take money to continue server operations.

    The current ratio is 1 USD = 100 Cash Points.

Most servers have big divides in "Donor" vs "Non-Donor", we are taking a different spin on this. Anyone can earn Cash Points and its pretty easy too! We have made 2 primary methods for any player to obtain Cash points.

    1.) Vote every 12 hours.

Every link that you vote for us will grant you 2 Cash Points. There are 5 links so that would be 10 cash points daily from voting. You're making money just to play!

    2.) Stay active in game.

Most of the Items you will see in the cash shop are for convenience purposes, the items will never unbalance the gameplay as everyone is able to obtain them. Some may have slower progress than others but that is to be expected in any game. The screen shot only shows a few of the awesome items you can obtain.

Remember: Your activity with the server will contribute greatly to your success <3