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Let's Start the Adventure!


Upon starting up a new character you will be greeted by Estella who will give you some information, and give you a handful of useful consumables. Afterwards, she will ask if you would like to participate in a simple tutorial which is highly recommended and will help out anyone, especially if you are brand new at the game.

Make sure you press YES to make sure you can do the quest, or else you wont be able to do it again! If for some reason you missed the YES button, or press NO by mistake, just re-log and it should pop up again.

Do not forget to equip the Beginner Cap, since it will help you early on!

Estella hat.png

Estella will give you the following useful items for a beginner:

Whitepotion.gif 300pcs White Potion
Bluepotion.gif 100pcs Blue Potion
Angelpot.gif 20pcs Angeling Potion
Manual.gif 3pcs Field Manual
Halterbox.gif = Halterlead.gif - 1 Boarding Halter (Rental)

The quest will tell you to do the following:
It is recommended to type in the command @autoloot to automatically loot the items from the monsters you kill.


The ONLY Poring that counts is the regular pink poring.
But you are still able to kill the others quite easily. Maybe not the "Poporing".


As you kill any Poring on the island, they will drop 1 Jellopy, which is required for the current quest (and a later quest) so hold onto all of them. I recommend you continue to kill Porings until your JOB level reaches 10 and you have collected hopefully 35 Jellopy total.


After collecting 20 Jellopy (or 35 if you chose to follow my recommendation) and killed 20 Porings, then return to Estella to claim a reward and your next step to the quest. You will be warped to Caspen, and in front the next NPC to do your quest but first you should travel to the center of the city and get familiar with the helpful NPCs and also change your job to the desired job you wish to be.

Once you change your job then continue the quest by speaking to Salvador.


Step 2 of the quest is straight-forward, and teaches you how to unlock dungeon warps for Warpa NPC. Just read and follow what Salvador says!


Walk towards the North-East warper of Payon. Head into Payon Dungeon to unlock the dungeon FOREVER across all your characters! Be careful not to get surrounded by the zombies and bats! Return to Salvador to receive your price for completing Step 2 of the quest, and talk to him again to proceed to Step 3.

Step 3 is simple. He wishes to see if you are able to handle yourself financially, so you must return to him with 1,000 zeny to continue the quest. Easy! Just sell the items you have been collecting when you were killing Porings. NOT THE JELLOPY THOUGH! Just sell things you won't need to the Tool Dealer and maybe buy some Magnifiers; you will need them later on.


Now return to Salvador and receive your reward, and your next quest step. He will tell you to spend some zeny on 7 Phracon to help refine your level 1 weapon to the safe level, this is to teach you how refining works. He will send you to Vurewell in Prontera to purchase the ores.


After you buy them, just walk outside and return to Caspen using Warpa and speak with Salvador again for your next step.

Time to put those ores to good use! Speak with the Blacksmith to level up your level 1 weapon to the SAFE LEVEL. It can be any level 1 weapon, not only the dagger he gives you, so make sure you know which weapon you want.


Once you have your +7 weapon return to Salvador.

Next quest: Join the academy! It is the building he is right next to. Walk in and speak with Secretary Ashley and join the academy.


Once you join speak with Salvador again.

He will ask you to hunt for several items, one of which includes the 35 Jellopy I recommended you keep early on.


The other 4 items are not hard to hunt for at all, but is there to test your ability to research them and navigate to them.
You can use in game commands to research them, which includes:

@ii (item name) - Gives you details about that item and the number associated with it.
@whodrops (item name or number) - Gives you a list of monsters that drop the item. If the list does not show when using the name try the number.
@mi (monster's name) - Gives you details about the monster, including what their element type is and what they drop, also the number associated with them.
@whereis (monster's name or number) - Tells you where you can find them.

If using these commands not work for you then you can always use RateMyServer to research all of these in a more organized way.

Now to hunt down the required items to continue the quest!
Here is an example on how to research in game.

Atii.png We see that the items code number is 902

Atwd.png We see a list of mobs that can drop the item at 100%

Atmi.png The Willow is the easiest, so lets look up its details.

It's a level 4 plant monster, with an earth element. Super easy to deal with so let's find where it roams.

Atwi.png There are 80 roaming around pay_fild08, or Payon field 8.

Look for the field on the map or explore without one, just be careful where you go.


The rest of the items I will leave to you to figure out, just refer back to my examples but change the items to what you are looking for.

After collecting everything, return to Salvador to receive your garment costume, Poring Bag. Keep talking to him until he gives you an enchanted gemstone, 1 of which would be randomly selected from every kind you can get, and put it on the costume.


You now have a useful item that can help you with the rest of your days. Talk to Salvador one last time to complete the quest completely.

This concludes my guide for beginners of EsperRO, I hope I helped everyone who needed it. /poring

This guide was written by GM Speedy, so kudos to him!

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