Claw Machine

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Test your luck at The Claw today for an absolute chance at many goodies!!

The Claw
Location: caspen 144 222
Possible Items Zeny Price Possible Items Zeny Price
12210s.png Bubble Gum
Bm.gif Battle Manual
12411s.png HE Battle Manual
12312s.png Thick Battle Manual
13746s.png Small Defense Potion 10 Box
41615s.png Bag of Gold
12103s.png Bloody Branch
616s.png Old Card Album
Genericrb.png Speed Potion Box(10)
Genericrb.png Speed Potion Box(5)
13810s.png Light Blue Potion Box
13762s.png Royal Jelly Box
Genericpb.gif Poison Bottle Box(10)
Genericrb.png Acid Bomb Box(10)
Genericpb.gif Abrasive 5 Box
400,000 12123s.png Honey Pastry
12122s.png Sesame Pastry
Genericpb.gif Yggdrasil Berry Box(10)
Genericgb.png Enchantment Gemstone
Rmb.png Token of Ziegfried Box(3)
5914s.png [C] Fluttering Butterfly
7619s.png Enriched Elunium
7620s.png Enriched Oridecon
12412s.png HE Bubble Gum
13610s.png Enriched Elunium 5pc Box
13611s.png Enriched Oridecon 5pc Box
43093s.png Skin Tone(Random)
Genericpb.gif Refine Certificate Box
43111s.png SE Costume Chest
Genericpb.gif Bubble Gum 5pc Box

SE Costume Chest

43111s.png SE Costume Chest
18742s.png [C] Moon and Stars

18744s.png [C] World Star
19776s.png [C] Tomboy Fairy
19805s.png [C] Taboo Curse Scroll
19817s.png [C] Ifrit's Breath
19952s.png [C] Bubble Gum in Mouth
19992s.png [C] Chilly Breath
20016s.png [C] Cool Dinner Hat
20034s.png [C] Jack Castle Bat
20035s.png [C] Miracle Blue Rose
20043s.png [C] Cherryblossom in Mouth
20130s.png [C] Whisper Tall Hat
20246s.png [C] Decoration of Time
20255s.png [C] Love Cheeks
20316s.png [C] Seraph Wing Helm
20318s.png [C] Charleston Antenna
20319s.png [C] Crimson Booster
20325s.png [C] Little Aquarium
20399s.png [C] Crow Tengu Mask
20404s.png [C] Blessing of Angel
20404s.png [C] Blessing of Angel
20430s.png [C] Loyal Servant of Devil Morocc
20458s.png [C] Wild Poring Rider
20499s.png [C] Cat Ears Hat
31055s.png [C] Poring Soap Pipe
31120s.png [C] Vampire's Familiar
31123s.png [C] Ghostring Tall Hat
31139s.png [C] White Rabbit Ears
31166s.png [C] Teddy Bear Hood
31177s.png [C] Tail Hat
31178s.png [C] Fire Muffler
31180s.png [C] King Sura Headband
31185s.png [C] Engineer Cap
31186s.png [C] Black Cat
31187s.png [C] War Princess Ribbon
31202s.png [C] Dog Officer
31204s.png [C] Drooping White Cat
31244s.png [C] Skymet
31259s.png [C] Bubble Archangeling Hairband
31263s.png [C] Disposable Popcorn Hat

31299s.png [C] White Rabbit

31300s.png [C] Warm Cat Muffler
31315s.png [C] Stall of Angel
31324s.png [C] DJ Kitty
31369s.png [C] Straight Long(White)
31396s.png [C] Sorcerer Hood
31405s.png [C] Eleanor Wig(Yellow)
31407s.png [C] Alice Wig(Peach)
31433s.png [C] Celestial Circle
31437s.png [C] Baby Penguin
31439s.png [C] Fluffy Heart Earmuffs
31452s.png [C] White Cat
31483s.png [C] Cat Ear Ribbon
31616s.png [C] Sleep Sheep
31670s.png [C] Miyabi Long Hair
31672s.png [C] Mermaid Wig
31699s.png [C] Smiling Eyes
31707s.png [C] Nine Tail Fox Hair
31708s.png [C] Gothic Skull Ribbon
31709s.png [C] Golden Violet
31719s.png [C] Master of Flames
31729s.png [C] Miracle Plant
31730s.png [C] Volume Low Twin(Sakura)
31765s.png [C] Garnet Tiara
31787s.png [C] Savage Babe On Shoulder
31788s.png [C] Piamette Roll Hair(Silver)
31797s.png [C] Shih Tzu Long
31799s.png [C] Pretty Bear(White)
31814s.png [C] Rabbit Family Balloon
31823s.png [C] Nose Glasses
31824s.png [C] Mask Of Cat
31826s.png [C] Sunglass Bear Cap
31831s.png [C] Disguise Mantle
31832s.png [C] Witch's Cat Hat
31837s.png [C] Shark Head
31839s.png [C] Fluffy Wing
31847s.png [C] Blinking Eyes(Blue)
31849s.png [C] Runaway Accelerator
31851s.png [C] Phalanx
31854s.png [C] Snack Party