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The Caspen Academy is a group that helps people who are suffering from distresses in Rune-Midgard. If people need help, we give the case to our mission organizer and introduce it to our members who are eager to help those in need. Academy members will review the missions and help those who post them up. Members do these mission for rewards.
If you are not too familiar with Rune-Midgard, this is a great way to explore the world. Or, if you are mature enough, you can travel the world and make new friends while doing missions. Your honorable name will be spread out among lands.

Joining the Academy

This is a very simple process. Speak with Secretary Ashley at the front desk and enter your name... I can't say she'll get it right the first time, so she may very well ask for it twice. One you sign your name, that's it! You're a part of the Caspen Academy. Speak with both Instructor Winter and the Mission Organizer to get started on your journey~

Academy Gear


Weapons Expert BK (cas_aca 71 96)
He can enhance the Academy Weapon III, 3 times with:

  • x
  • x
  • x


I CounterKickStance.png This quest can be repeated. This quest has a 24 hour cooldown period.

Blacksmith Thorn (cas_aca 74 96)
Do a personal request for Blacksmith Thorn to unlock ability to enhance Academy Uniform, Academy Manteau II, or Academy Boots III with 2 randoms enchantments. This can be repeated once per day with 0 chance of failure wherever already enchanted or not.

Item Enchants Slot(s) Possibles Enchantments
Academy Uniform 2 Stat +1~2
DEF +3~12
MDEF +2~10
FLEE +6~12
CRIT +5~7
Academy Manteau II 2
Academy Boots III 2

Bloody Branch Quest

Items Needed Reward NPC
200 7563s.gif Bloody Rune
150 1061s.gif Witched Starsand
75 994.gif Flame Heart
100 604s.gif Dead Branch
1 969.gif Gold
1x12103s.pngBloody Branch
Unlocks repeatable crafting of:
1x 12103s.png Bloody Branch from 500 604s.gif Dead Branch
cas_aca 106 64

Academy Shops [Show/Hide]

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